Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedThursday July 18, 2019 byAnthony Thimba.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Fall season Start?

                The fall season starts either the 2nd or 3rd week of September.  Once registration is open the season start date is posted on the website.

When does the Fall Season End?

                The fall season ends either the 2nd or 3rd week of November.

When does the Spring Season Start?

                The Sprint season starts the first Saturday in April. Once registration is open the season start date is posted on the website.

When does the Spring Season End?

                The Spring season ends the Saturday before South Brunswick schools close.

When will I get the game schedules?

                The game schedules are released a week before the 1st game

How will I know what team my child is in?

                Once the rosters are release you will receive an email from Sports Sign-Up.  You will also receive a notification from your sports sign up app on your phone.  We recommend you download the SportsSignup App, SSU Play on your phone and place the domain as a trusted email address to ensure you receive all club emails.  You can also log on to the soccer website and your team assignment may be found there.

How will I know what night practice is?

                Your coach will contact you via email and on the Sport Sign Up App as soon as she sets a practice time and place.  If you do not hear from your coach 1 week before the season starts please contact her from the website or your sports signup app.  All their contact information in accessible from your account.

How do we get the uniforms?

                Team uniforms will be distributed to the coaches a week before the season starts.  They will distribute them at practice or on game day

What does my child need to play?

                Players must have shin guards and socks that cover their shin guards (The club provides socks in the Fall ONLY). While cleats are not required, they are highly recommended.  No shin guards, no play.  Players must also wear their jerseys on the outside of any other clothing.

What are the rules of the game?

All FIFA rules will apply except where overridden by a division-specific rule.  Make sure you have a copy of the Supplemental Information for your specific division. Please refer to the rules and guidelines

Do we keep Standings?

                No.  Recreation soccer is not competitive, it is designed to get the kids out playing and exercising with the primary intent for them to have fun.