Weeknight Training

UpdatedMonday September 16, 2019 byIntown Directors.

Weeknight Training

The soccer club provides training sessions with our professional trainers for each age group. These sessions will start on Monday, 9/16 at Harvest Woods turf fields. These sessions are completely optional but provide additional training outside of your team practice. The schedule is as follows:



5-6pm   4/5th grade coed 

6-7pm   4/5/6th grade girls  

7-8pm   6/7th grade coed 



5-6pm   1st grade coed  

6-7pm   2/3rd grade girls  

7-8pm   8-12th grade coed 



5-6pm   3rd grade coed 

6-7pm  2nd grade coed 

7-8pm   7/8/9th grade girls