Grades 2 thru 12

UpdatedTuesday June 13, 2017 byBruce Willinger.

Both coed and Girls only divisions are offered for grades 2 through 12.  Please note that it is necessary to have enough enrollment of both players and coaches to field at least 4 teams for a division to be run.  There are times that our girls only division do not meet this requirement.  In this case, players are offered the option of playing in the appropriate coed division or receiving a full refund.

Players will have one weeknight practice session per week.  This session is run by the teams volunteer coach.  The day and time of the practice is up to the volunteer coach of the team and will not be known until after you receive your team assignment.  We do not change team assignments because of conflicts with the practice night.  Players who have conflicts will be allowed to practice with another team in their division.  However, they will still need to play their game with their assigned team.  During the Fall season only, players are also allowed to attend one night of professionally led training.  The schedule for this is announced a couple of weeks before the first game day.

Players will have their game day on Saturday.  Each team will have an assigned schedule that will be available about 1 week before the first game day.  Please note that the game time will vary from week to week.  They will usually start anywhere between 8:30am and 2:30pm.  Game duration depends on the division they play in.  The older the players, the longer the game lasts.  Divisions with more teams will have games starting later in the day to accommodate the greater number of games.

The registration fee for the Fall season covers a full uniform set (jersey, shorts and socks), ball, participation award and the weeknight professionally led training.

The registration fee for the Spring season covers a jersey, ball and participation award.

Please consider signing up to be a volunteer coach!  Many of our coaches find it to be a fun and rewarding experience.  No previous soccer experience necessary!