General Rules & Guidelines

Updated Wednesday June 26, 2019 by Bruce Willinger.

Pre-game Check-In

·       At the start of each game, the teams will be checked by the referee to make sure the players are wearing shin guards and not wearing jewelry of any kind.  Band-Aids are not allowed to be worn over pierced parts of the body.  No shin guards, no play.  Players must have socks that cover their shin guards. Players must also wear their jerseys on the outside of any other clothing.  While cleats are not required, they are highly recommended.

·       The teams will then have a coin toss to see who will get the ball or the choice of goal first.

·       Both teams will be on one sideline and the parents on the other.  No one will be allowed to be on either end line area.  No exceptions.

Rules of the Game

·       All FIFA rules will apply except where overridden by a division-specific rule.  Make sure you have a copy of the Supplemental Information for your specific division.

·       The ball will be put into play by a throw in where it stopped when the quarter ended with the exception of the start of the second half of the game.  The team that did not kick off the ball at the start of the game will have the kick off at the beginning of the second half.

·       Teams are to switch sides at the beginning of the second half of the game.

·       Inappropriate behavior will not be allowed at any time by anyone and such behavior will result in the immediate dismissal and the offenders will also be brought up for action by the disciplinary committee and could mean a suspension or expulsion from any further games without any refund.

·       Coaches are not to approach the referees at any time.  If there is a problem, please see your commissioner or the head of the in-town program for resolution.

·       Parents are not allowed on the field for any reason.  If a child gets hurt, the coach will be called onto the field.  If the coach deems it necessary to have the parent come onto the field, he/she will motion for the parent to come on.

·       At the end of the game, each team will line up and shake hands.  Please encourage good sportsmanship at all times. 

·       The SBSC In-Town program is recreational and as such promotes equal playing time for all participants.  Please make every effort to balance playing time and give all players opportunities to play both offense and defense.  There are no records kept in the program so please keep the spirit of recreation in mind at all times.

Misc. Information


In case of inclement weather, please check our SBSC Website and your email.  A mass email will be sent whenever possible and the website will be updated.  We do play in the rain, however, it does not take a lot of rain to make our fields unplayable.


It is the responsibility of all players, coaches, and parents to act in a responsible way while at any of the soccer games and practices.  Each of the registrants have signed that they have read the S.A.G.E. program and will comply by the rules therein.  Any negative comments directed at players, referees, coaches or parents will not be tolerated at any time.   The use of foul language by players, coaches or parents will not be tolerated at any time. If anyone is unruly on the sidelines, they will be asked to leave the park immediately and the disciplinary committee will meet to see review the incident and consider penalties.


We ask that practices be limited to once a week since we have limited fields and space available.  Practice is on a first come first serve basis and we ask that you work together with other coaches.  You may use Sondek Park, Harvest Woods Park (grass fields only), and open space at grammar schools and local parks.

First Aid

First aid should be left to the professionals and those that have been certified in this training. A coach should only attend to minor scrapes and bruises.  For all other injuries, please contact the First Aid Department (732-329-4646).  If you feel that the injury is serious enough, please contact the parents to make the final decision and an ambulance will be called.  Parents are not allowed on the field unless they have been called onto the field by the coach or referee.  If you feel it is necessary, please ask the referee for permission to call on the parents and then do so.  This rule is for the safety of the players.  Please also instruct your players that if they are hurt, they are to go down on one knee or sit down on the field so that the game can be stopped.  If the referee doesn’t see a hurt player, they will not stop the game.


It is important for all coaches to understand that some of the referees that will be utilized are resident teenagers.  Some have gone through extensive training and are certified Referees, while others will have gone through some instructional types of training.  All have played soccer at some point in their lives.  Remember that it is the decision of the referee during the play that counts as to whether a foul will be called or not.  You may see something that the Referee doesn’t, but you are not the game official, they are and will make the appropriate call as they see it.  At no time is a coach to approach a referee.  If you find that there is a problem with the way a referee is handling a game, please contact your commissioner to voice your concerns. 


You can find almost everything you need at The South Brunswick Soccer Club website,


SBSC Fall 2017 Division Rules
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