Alternate HS League Information

Updated Saturday April 6, 2019 by Bruce Willinger.

SBSC Alternative High School Soccer League

This spring season, the SBSC is offering an alternative division for High School (grades 9-12) players to participate in.  The division will be run similar to the program offered for recreation basketball as the teams are formed by the players.  Teams rosters will be from 10 to 12 players.  All players must be registered and paid for the team registration to be complete.  All teams must also have an adult coach to supervise their games.  The coach needs to meet the coaching requirements of the club.  There will be one game per week which will be played on a weeknight.  There will be no practices in this program.  Please note that players can play in both this program and the traditional Saturday program.  A separate registration is required for each program played in.

Forming and Registering a Team

  • First you need to find from 10 to 12 players who want to form a team.  These players must live in South Brunswick and must be in grades 9 thru 12.

  • Teams may have a maximum of 4 players who played soccer at the High School last fall and /or play on a travel soccer team.

  • The team also needs to find an adult coach, 21 years or older for the team.  This coach must meet the coaching requirements of the SBSC.  This adult needs to complete a Coach Registration which can be completed at:

  • You must select one player from your team to be the team captain.  They will be the one responsible to complete the team registration form and be the contact with the league.

  • The team captain should send email to informing their intent to register a team.  Then they should complete the Team Registration Form  and return this form to me via email.

  • All players on the team must register and pay (Fee is $75 per player) before the team registration will be accepted.  Registration and payment should be completed by March 23rd


    League Format

  • This league will be competitive so there will be standings and playoffs to determine a championship team.

  • Teams will play one game per week on a weeknight.During April and May this will be on a Wednesday.  Game nights in June may vary due to various functions occurring from the High School.  Games will be scheduled at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

  • Games will be 50 minutes long with two 25 minute halves with a 2 minute break at halftime.

  • Games will be 7 v 7 including the goalie.  A team must have a minimum of 6 players to be able to play.  Teams are expected to play with an even number of players on the field.

  • Players must be on the team roster to play for that team.  They must also bring a copy of their photo ID to every game.  You will not be allowed to play without meeting those requirements.

  • Teams are not allowed to have guest players!


    Registration Link for Players and Coaches